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  • ??

    Why the hell do u let me enter my e-mail adress and everythging, just to see it's a paid-only service...?

    0 Community Answers Nov 23, 2017 06:12AM PST
  • installing a program with no installer

    Hi there, we have this application that is not installed rather we just copy the program folder to the compute...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Nov 20, 2017 12:47PM PST
  • Turboing a click-once app

    We have an .Net app that we want to deploy on our website that's set up as a click-once app, but we want ...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Oct 16, 2017 02:17PM PDT
  • .Net 4.5.2 with TurboStudio

    Hi Guys, is Turbo Studio working with .Net 4.5.2? because when i want to add this line to my turbostudio.x...

    1 Agent Answer 1 Community Answer Oct 11, 2017 06:51AM PDT
  • Application Crash

    Hi, We have built .NET application in 4.0 and packaged it in Spoon VM with local sandbox configuration, we ...

    0 Community Answers Oct 05, 2017 11:52AM PDT
  • chrome remember settings like user

    Can the Chrome browser support saving user details such as logged in user and extensions? When I logged out i...

    1 Agent Answer 2 Community Answers Sep 28, 2017 12:59PM PDT
  • hacker attack on my network

    I have times a question what if one has data about the one from its own network collected over a club the one ...

    0 Community Answers Sep 07, 2017 09:51PM PDT
  • How to programmatically open a browser in the Browser Sandbox?

    How to programmatically open a browser of a particular version in Java from the Browser Sandbox?

    0 Community Answers Aug 25, 2017 12:57PM PDT
  • document root folder for php server

    What is the folder name for storing web pages on the php server? Thanks

    0 Community Answers Jul 26, 2017 10:39PM PDT
  • Same issue with custom action in MSI - Any fix?

    I'm still having the same issue as https://support.turbo.net/customer/en/portal/questions/17110778-msi-in...

    0 Community Answers Jul 24, 2017 07:59AM PDT

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